Green & Leafy

There are many things that people associate with the word 'church', but 'green' and 'leafy' are probably not some of them. Yet that is our goal at the City Alliance Church. These adjectives are not a reference to our political persuasions or the kinds of clothes we like to wear, rather they are a metaphor of what we believe is necessary to genuinely follow Jesus.

A leaf has two prominent elements: its shape and its colour. We might say that for someone to follow Jesus their life needs to take on a particular shape; they need to know and do certain things. Examples of knowing would involve a basic understanding of the Bible and what it says about how we ought to live. Examples of doing would involve blessing our wider community and worshipping God through the way we treat those around us. Yet to take on this 'Christian' shape in an attempt to follow after Jesus is only half of what is required. What's missing is colour.

By ‘colour’ we mean the Holy Spirit, the one of whom the Apostle Paul wrote, “Anyone who does not have the Spirit of Christ does not belong to [Christ]” (Romans 8:9). We might think of a green leaf that is attached to a tree and another leaf that has fallen to the ground and is turning brown. Both of these leaves have the same shape, but their colour is noticeably different. To be a follower of Jesus is to be a green leaf. The green leaf is attached to the tree and is kept green by the nutrients that the tree supplies. In the same way, Jesus’ Spirit is to be the source of our ‘Christian’ colour. We may know and do all of the things that a Christian should know and do, our shape might seem very ‘Christian’, but if we are not connected to the tree and do not have Jesus’ Spirit within us, we will eventually fall to the ground, dry and brown.

Like every community of people, we have our quirks, but in the end our primary concern is being green and leafy. If you can handle that, you're welcome among us!