Certain people within the church have made a commitment not only to Jesus, but to the work of the City Alliance Church; these people are referred to as ‘members’. Twice in the year we hold a members’ meeting. These meetings cover issues that relate to the ongoing operation of the church (much like an AGM). Those who are not members of the church are still welcome to attend these meetings and contribute, but decisions are made by the membership alone. There is a membership process that can be undertaken for those wishing to become members.

There are two basic expectations of being a 'member' of the City Alliance Church. We are using the term 'member' here in a formal sense; it is something that you deliberately choose to become, and with that decision comes certain responsibilities. The first expectation is that members will not only enjoy the benefits of being part of our community, but contribute something to it. The second is that members will believe certain things.

What a Member Contributes

Members are expected to contribute to the day-to-day operation of the church by taking on one of the many volunteer roles available in the church. There may be times that members take a break from these roles or contribute in another way, but in general, being a member means that you give some of your time to the church.

Another way in which members are expected to give is through tithing. This is part of how we demonstrate our commitment to what God is doing in and through our community by giving our resources to it. In the same way a member is expected to give their time, they are also expected to give their money.

The final way in which a member contributes to our community is through member's meetings. These meetings acknowledge that God not only leads the pastor to make decisions about the future of the church, he also leads the community as a whole. One of the primary aims of our members' meetings is to bring a sense of integrity to the operation of our church, both in the eyes of God and of those around us. By making decisions together we hope to keep one another accountable and in line with God's desires for us.

What a Member Believes

Whilst we welcome anyone into our community who can affirm our desire to be green and leafy, to become a 'member' of the church we require a commitment to certain beliefs. These beliefs relate to two things, (1) what it means to be a Christian generally, and (2) what it means to be a Christian in the C&MA of Australia.

The following document explains what it means to 'believe', why we ask you to make a statement of your beliefs, and details the beliefs that members are required to affirm. It is normal to have questions about these things and the idea is to work through this document with someone before signing the final declaration.

Statement of Beliefs.pdf

Becoming a Member

Becoming a member of the church is something that takes place over the course of a year or more. It is assumed that someone who is interested in becoming a member of the church has decided to follow Jesus and been baptised. The following list represents a timeline of things to progress through at the end of which one would be invited to become a member of the City Alliance Church.

  1. Tell of your experience of becoming a follower of Jesus to the pastor or another member

  2. Volunteer for a role

  3. Begin tithing

  4. Attend members' meetings (as a 'non-voting' participant)

  5. Read through the 'Statement of Beliefs.pdf' with the pastor or another member (over several weeks)

  6. Fill in and sign the 'Statement of Beliefs.pdf'


Regular attenders of the church are invited to contribute to its financial operation. This is commonly referred to as ‘tithing’ or ‘giving’. The term ‘tithe’ stems from a biblical practice whereby people give 10% (a tithe) of their income to God. There is a basket put out during each service labelled ‘Giving’ in which monies can be placed, alternatively a direct deposit can be made to:

City Alliance Church

BSB: 633 000

Acc #: 164384018

It is worth noting that 6% of all general offerings made to the church are forwarded to the National Office of the C&MA to support the work of the denomination; this is referred to as the ‘National Contribution Scheme’. This helps fund the work of the National Office and certain positions on the National Board (e.g. the President).

During the year we also provide an opportunity to give directly to the work of the denomination. We refer to this as the ‘faith promise’ - a promise you make in faith (between yourself and God) to give a certain amount to the work of the C&MA over the coming year. This not only funds the leadership and administrative roles of the movement, but supports our national college and our international workers. You can transfer funds to the C&MA at any time via our church account by typing ‘Faith Promise’ in the reference field.