Our practices - what we do

All of these practices are meant to be an expression of our values. In addition to our Sunday services we have a number of other practices.

Table Talk

We run an English conversation class called Table Talk to help those for whom English is a second language. Our aim in this is to serve the community we are a part of; there is nothing explicitly religious about this activity. Our facebook page has the details of the latest activities.

Short Courses

During the year we have two short courses that address a particular topic, for example, ‘God and Relationships’. These are held in the evenings at people’s homes and are a great opportunity to learn and grow together as a community.

Prayers Meetings

During the year we have two prayer seasons of about five weeks each. We use these to pray about particular topics in our lives and listen to God as a community.

Prayer Retreat

In July each year we have a prayer retreat somewhere close to Canberra. It is a time for us to listen to God as a community and have fun together. We do not advertise this event to the wider community.

Church Camp

In November each year we head down the coast for some fun at the beach and a time to just be together. This camp is open to all and very affordable, not to mention fun!

Alliance Events

There are two annual Alliance events: Council and Pastors’ Retreat. Council brings together representatives from every church in the Alliance (known as delegates) to make decisions about the future of the movement. The location of Council rotates between Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Canberra. Pastors’ Retreat is a time for all the official workers of the denomination to gather to support one another and hear a prominent speaker. Pastors’ Retreat is held at the Collaroy Centre in Sydney each year.

We also hold a Missionary Convention each year. All Alliance churches do this and overseas workers move from church to church and talk about what their ministry involves. This is an important aspect of our Alliance culture and hearing from these people helps us to understand what God is doing outside of our community.