Table Talk

We run an English conversation class called Table Talk to help those for whom English is a second language. Our aim in this is to serve the community we are a part of and to act out our desire to be people of the community. There is nothing explicitly religious about this activity.

Prayer Meetings

We meet twice a year for a number of weeks to wait on God in prayer. This is done habitually, regardless of the circumstances we find ourselves in, and also reactively to situations that arise that we want to seek God in. These meetings stem from our desire to be a people of prayer.

Bible Reading

We engage in various Bible reading activities throughout the year to ensure that we are people of the Bible. These include reading the Bible together once a month at our Sunday service and also studying the Bible in smaller groups during the week, whether through topical exploration or by working our way through a whole book of the Bible.

Four-Week Cycle

We meet together on Sunday evenings each week as a church. We have a four-week cycle for these church services and each week has a different emphasis:


This service is a time of praising God through song and reflection. During this service we share in communion; this is a symbolic meal whereby we remember the person of Jesus Christ and the significance of his life, death and resurrection. This service is also an opportunity to share stories about what God is doing in our lives and to worship him in this way.


This service begins with some singing and then we seek to learn about and/or practice some aspect of prayer.


This service begins with some singing and then we hear a sermon on the passage of the Bible that we read the week before. These sermons may involve breaks for people to read other relevant passages of Scripture or group activities to explore a certain idea.


This service begins with some singing and then we engage in reflecting on the previous weeks Sermon and passage of the Bible. This may involve group and individual activities including creative reflection and discussion.

Services generally go for an hour to an hour and fifteen minutes.


A creche is available for children to play in during the service. At this stage, we do not provide a 'childcare' arrangement.

Church Camp

At the end of the year we head down the coast for some fun at the beach and a time to just be together. This camp is open to all and very affordable, not to mention fun!

Members’ Meetings

Twice in the year we have what we call a members’ meeting. Certain people within the church have made a commitment not only to Jesus, but to the work of the City Alliance Church and the C&MA; these people are referred to as ‘members’. Members’ meetings cover issues that relate to the ongoing operation of the church (much like an AGM). Those who are not members of the church are still welcome to attend these meetings and contribute, but decisions are made by the membership alone. There is a membership process that can be undertaken for those wishing to become members.

Advisory Committee

The day-to-day administrative tasks of running the church are performed by the Advisory Committee. The Advisory Committee meets monthly to discuss matters relating to finances and other practical needs. The Advisory Committee reports to the membership at members’ meetings and will sometimes be delegated tasks to perform by the membership.


Regular attenders of the church are invited to contribute to its financial operation. This is commonly referred to as ‘tithing’ or ‘giving’. The term ‘tithe’ stems from a biblical practice whereby people give 10% (a tithe) of their income to God. There is a basket put out during each service labelled ‘Giving’ in which monies can be placed, alternatively a direct deposit can be made to:

City Alliance Church
BSB: 633 000
Acc #: 164384018

The two largest items of the church budget are the Pastor and AC members' salary and building hire (approx. 75%). It is worth noting that 6% of all general offerings made to the church are forwarded to the National Office of the C&MA to support the work of the denomination; this is referred to as the ‘National Contribution Scheme’. This helps fund the work of the National Office and certain positions on the National Board (e.g. the President).

During the year we also provide an opportunity to give directly to the work of the denomination. We refer to this as the ‘faith promise’ - a promise you make in faith (between yourself and God) to give a certain amount to the work of the C&MA over the coming year. This not only funds the leadership and administrative roles of the movement, but supports our national college and our international workers. You can transfer funds to the C&MA at any time via our church account by typing ‘Faith Promise’ in the reference field.

C&MA Events

There are two annual events of the C&MA: Council and Pastors’ Forum. Council brings together representatives from every church in the C&MA (known as delegates) to make decisions about the future of the movement. The location of Council rotates between Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Canberra. Pastors’ Forum is a time for all the official workers of the denomination to gather to support one another and hear a prominent speaker. Pastors’ Forum is held at the Collaroy Centre in Sydney each year.

We participate in two other annual activities as a church of the C&MA: the Alliance Week of Prayer and Missionary Convention. The Alliance Week of Prayer is a time dedicated to praying for the needs of our church, the C&MA and our overseas workers. Missionary Convention is when our church is visited by one of our international workers to hear about what they are doing and to connect with the work of the C&MA that we contribute to.