We are people of the community

We believe that the good news about Jesus Christ is best demonstrated through our own transformed lives. As such, our goal is not to ‘convert’ people by telling them about Jesus Christ, but to live with and care for them as Jesus Christ would. We hope that in doing so others might join us in this way of life.

We are people of the Spirit

We believe that living 'transformed lives' is about being filled with the Spirit of Jesus Christ. In this sense, it is not by our own will or determination that we imitate Jesus, rather it is by inviting Jesus Christ to fill us that we experience newness.

We are people of prayer

We believe that God is interested in our daily lives and wants to guide and teach us. As such, we spend time waiting before God in prayer. Prayer from this perspective is an act of listening rather than asking.

We are people of the Bible

We believe that God has revealed himself to humankind throughout history and most significantly in the person of Jesus Christ. These events have been recorded in the Bible and this book represents God’s revelation of himself to us. As such, one of the primary activities of our church is to know the Bible. In so doing we come to understand better the God that we worship.

We are a church of the C&MA of Australia

Our church is part of the Christian and Missionary Alliance of Australia. As a part of this religious denomination we receive support from a national governing body called the 'National Board' and from an administrative office known as the 'National Office'. The official doctrinal statement of the C&MA as well as a brief history of the movement can be found at www.cma.org.au